The first Mpen I made in 2013. However I had been thinking about it much earlier.

Especially, when I ended with a stain which is hard to remove on my clothes made by ink after using a pen. :(

How can it be prevented from putting switched pen into packet?

Simple solutions are the best.

When the Mpen is on, it can't be placed into the pocket, because the bold blocks the way to clip.

If you want to put Mpen into, the bold reminds us to turn it off.

This way Mpen was invented.

At first they were only sandblasted (tactical version) but with sometime my offer enlarged by other models.

- Polished model with rings made of brass, bronze, copper and different materials,

- Morse Code model with possibility of personalization (explanation in chapter - Morse Code Idea),

- Bubbles model inspired FIZZ pattern by Matt Cucchiara - official agreement of using given by Matt,

- Flinston model which look like made by caveman,

- Model with Forester design grip which inspired me my friend Forester.

I am constantly making/creating new variants and special editions (SE).


The Mpens are custom pens which are made for individual orders.

You can also find something for yourself :)