One day while I was making my things I thought about the personalization possibilities.

I was thinking about the fact that we do many different notches, grooves on our products, and why they can’t mean something.

This how the Morse Code Project was born :)

The idea is using the Morse Code to personalize the product, which can be written by using dots or dashes.

In the case of turned parts, I had an idea that narrow groove means a dot whereas wide means dash.

When we have to deal with flats parts we can make grooves in a form of dots or dashes.

In this way we can create a unique surface either rounded (eg. Grooves in Mpens, bombilla or bead, etc.) or flat (eg. The texture on the scales of the knife).

Then our product becomes unique and special.

By using this way we can write eg. owner’s names, initials, or any other word which we like :)

I haven’t seen anyone who would use this solution with Morse Code, which I am going to use it on my products.

Preparations for showing my staff took me some time, but I think the result is satisfying.