Knives have been my companion since I have remembered.

When I was small boy I got some pocket knives from my father. Then I started buying them myself and carried some of them with me.

Since I discovered that bought knives can be improved or made unique, this is how the passion rose.

First pimp I made when I was at high school but it was nothing spectacular. I wasn’t disheartened I was still improving my skills and knowledge.

After some time I showed my friend pimped Spyderco Delica (I’m still having it in my collection) this is how my adventure with pimps began and lasts till nowadays.

The natural consequences was creating knives from basic.

In my work are fixeds and folders. I’m still trying to make another , always make them look unique, useful and perfect.


Rescuing damaged knives is like a mission … When I see beautiful knives dilapidated by time and by exploitation, I can’t go over this to agenda – in my workshop I give them a new life.